About us

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was established on the 1st of September, 2006. The faculty achieved a major milestone in the year 2020, during which the construction of the new modern building CEMMTECH (Centre of Materials, Mechanics and Technologies) has begun.

Our faculty offers a wide range of study programmes focused on the current needs of the industry with an emphasis on a cooperation with companies from the Usti region. The profile of educational and research activities of the faculty includes mainly the fields of materials, technologies, technical design and energetics.

As of now, you can choose from 6 bachelor study programmes, 5 master study programmes and 1 doctoral study programme. We put a great emphasis on practical knowledge, so we make sure that, during your studies, you will learn how to set up, operate and correctly handle modern instrumentation and methods, which are used in the industry, to ensure that you will be familiar with the equipment and methods you will encounter in your future career. During later courses, according to your specialisation, you will further expand your knowledge on specific high-end instrumentation.

We closely cooperate with our industry partners, mainly in the fields of nanomaterials, modern automation technologies, additive technologies, Industry 4.0, modern measuring methods and many others. We are actively participating in the energetic transformation of the Usti region, with our main focus being advanced accumulation systems and the production and use of green hydrogen. Furthermore, we are leading or participating in other projects regarding the research of materials and technologies used in energetics.

In the year 2022, our new building CEMMTECH, located in the university campus, opened its doors to our students. This means that even more modern laboratories and classrooms are available to them.