GET Centre of UJEP

Lead project manager:
MSc Jan Novotný, pHD.
tel.: +420 475 285 512

The GET Centre of UJEP is a project involving the creation of several collaborating research sites focused on the field of hydrogen fuel cells, their design and testing. The main objective is to create, with the help of project partners, a highly specialised workplace in the building of the laboratories of the FSI Za Válcovnou and the acquisition of instrumentation for a complex research in hydrogen use in modern emission-free energy. The project can be divided into three key activities and their respective research sites:

  • Hydrogen Technology Centre of UJEP
    • harnessing and utilising hydrogen as a source of energy for transportation and energetics
    • improving the efficiency of fuel cells and reverse fuel cells
    • innovative design of solid-state energy storage
  • Clean Energy and Technology Centre of UJEP
    • research and development of photovoltaics and electromobility
    • RES and accumulation educational models
    • updating existing Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes of Energetics with focus on sustainable and renewable energy
    • Power-to-X Systems
  • External cooperation and partnership
    • education and training of experts in the field of sustainable energy and hydrogen technologies
    • new educational, requalification and training facilities