Institute of Technology and Materials

Where can you find us?

The institute is based in Building H – Pasteurova 1, on the University campus. Here you can find offices of staff and management, classrooms and laboratories for lectures. The FSI Science and Technology Park is also located here.

Teaching topics

  • Technical materials with a focus on metallic and non-metallic materials, plastics, glass, etc., chip removal and chipless processes (machining, moulding, welding, metallurgy, glass and plastic processing, etc.)
  • Manufacturing processes and their design
  • Computing software with a focus on CAM

Science and Research fields

  • Research and development of new materials
  • Investigation, evaluation and optimisation of Al alloy processing
  • Solving technological problems and optimising technologies in the field of ferrous and non-ferrous metals for industry
  • Research on tool sharpening and grinding processes
  • Evaluation of residual stresses in surface layers after machining processes
  • Material wear
  • Corrosion behaviour of materials
  • Analyses of fracture surfaces

Laboratory Instrumentation

Metallography and sample preparation laboratories
These laboratories focus on material research, the analysis of the structure and properties of materials. In the course of your studies, you will learn about the methods of sample preparation for a subsequent analysis and analytical methods for determining their properties. In the metallography and sample preparation laboratory, you will learn how to prepare metallographic and other types of samples to investigate their structure. In the analysis of the microstructure of materials, you will experience working on light and electron microscopes and learn how to evaluate the results competently.

Destructive tests and Analytical Methods Laboratories
These laboratories are focused on the investigation of mechanical and other properties of materials. You will learn and practice testing methods in accordance with current norms and regulations and to be able to properly correlate the information about the structure and characteristics of a material with its resulting properties. You will also learn about surface analyses and geometrical characteristics of products.

Laboratory of Thermal Processes
During the course of your studies, you will learn about the technology of casting into various types of metal and non-metal moulds. Through experiments and laboratory exercises from the field of foundry science, you will learn about the connection between the chemical composition and casting technology and the resulting properties and characteristics of the casting. Moreover, you will learn about the heat treatment procedures of metallic materials, such as quenching, tempering and hardening.

Machining Laboratory
You will learn how to operate programmable and universal machine tools, investigate the machining process from a number of different perspectives through analyses, such as tool wear, the characteristics of the machined surface and the phenomena occurring during the process itself. The main focus of the research as well as the final thesis is the machining of aluminium alloys used in the automotive industry and materials that are difficult to machine, such as hardened steel, titanium and nickel alloys.