Eligibility conditions

The faculty must have a contract with the specific university from the partner country and there must be vacancies for the desired period (it is also possible to apply for an individual travel as a so called freemover)

The programme is open to undergraduate students from the end of the second semester, postgraduate students and academic staff of universities. The condition being that the applicant must be a full-time student. You have the option to choose from several formats of the mobility, depending on the length and purpose of the stay (long-term stays, summer school, semester stays, excursions, etc.)

You can find more information about CEEPUS here

For detailed information about the current travel options at the faculty, please contact the Faculty Coordinator:

MSc Nataša Náprstková, PhD
phone: +420 475 285 513
e-mail: natasa.naprstkova@ujep.cz