Science and Technology Park

The aim of the FSI Science and Technology Park is to connect the academic world with the industries of the Ústí nad Labem region. In the framework of cooperation with the industrial sector, the FSI STP offers research capacity in the fields of optimisation, technologies and materials, energetics, CFD simulations, modernisation and innovation of the production process to companies, which do not have the necessary facilities for these activities. The FSI STP offers the possibility of creating facilities for companies to conduct their collaborative research, or setting up reference laboratories. It also offers expert consultations in the fields of technologies, materials, 3D systems, CFD simulations and energetics. It is also possible to involve the experts from companies in the research, through a framework of doctoral studies, which allows to use the full range of instrumentation and equipment available at the Faculty.

Key activities:

  • commissioned research
  • providing facilities for industrial research and projects
  • research and development cooperation
  • rental of instrumentation and laboratories
  • organising and hosting conferences, training courses and lectures

You can find detailed information about the services the FSI STP offers here.

MSc Michal Lattner, PhD
phone: +420 475 285 543