UJEP Campus

The Faculty is located on the campus of Jan Evanglista Purkyně University, which has all the necessary facilities a student needs. In addition to the usual canteen, library and dormitory, there is a sports complex, large outdoor areas where you can immerse yourself in studies or relax, if the weather allows it, and last but not least, student clubs. These provide numerous options of leisure activities to help students enjoy their college years and everything associated with them. If you do miss something on campus, the centre of the town is only a short walk away,

In 2021, we completed the construction of our new building – CEMMTECH (Centre for Mechanics, Materials and Technology). This teaching and research centre includes laboratories equipped with the latest technology such as a state-of-the-art metallurgy centre. It will, therefore, satisfy even the most demanding requirements for an industrial and scientific research. The building also includes new teaching areas, classrooms, lecture halls and facilities for students, in the form of relaxation and study areas.