Brownfields in UR

Project title: Energy utilization of brownfield sites in Usti Region
Budget: 9,6 mil CZK
Project period: 2020-20213
Subsidy title: TAČR – Théta
Principal investigator: MSc Ludmila Nováková, PhD,
Project Partners: CTU in Prague, PKU

Sustainable development policies for energy utilization of brownfield sites in Usti Region are identified within the project, the previously-mined coal areas are considered primarily. Suggested concepts will be created with regard to the possibility of a wide applicability in CR and other EU regions. The goal of the project is to develop a set of variant scenarios of energy strategy development in the previously mined coal areas in the Usti Region (UR). Studies will be performed taking into consideration the solution of the problems associated with the phase-out of coal mining in the UR and with the transition to low carbon technologies for energy production (electric and heat). These variant scenarios will cover the main energy sources (nuclear and water energy, biomass, hydrogen, PVE, waste comb. etc.).