Project title: Development of new nano-coatings and micro- coatings on the surface of selected metallic materials
Budget: 57,7 mil CZK
Subsidy title: Operační program Výzkum, vývoj a vzdělávání – ITI
Project period: 2019-2022
Principal investigator: Prof. MSc Štefan Michna, PhD,

This research project is focused on a pre-applied research with a significant potential for new possibilities of surface treatment of metallic materials in order to increase selected mechanical (e.g. hardness, abrasion resistance), chemical (e.g. corrosion resistance) and physical (e.g. thermal stability, thermal conductivity) properties. We will develop new possibilities for nano-technological protection of metal surfaces in order to increase the useful properties and improve the surface with a focus on targeted modification of hardness, corrosion resistance, frictional properties, minimization of environmental contamination, durability, chemical resistance and other mechanical and thermal properties. In particular, advanced surface treatment of polymer matrix coatings and the addition of various metallic and non-metallic nanoparticles (nanocomposite coatings, activity A1) and modification of the surfaces of materials by laser welding (activity A2), magnetron sputtering (activity A3) and influence of the surface structure by ion beam 4A) with the purpose to enhance the useful properties of metallic materials. The aim of the project is to propose solutions in the pre-application phase allowing an efficient use of products in a wide range of working conditions (thermal, power, dimensional, etc.)